Motorcyle Lowering Links

Yamaha TTR-250 Lowering Link Installation Instructions

Tools you'll need:

  1. Raise the motorcycle with the center stand or milk crate, etc., so the rear wheel is slightly off the ground. Remove both rubber plugs on the sides of the swing arm and remove the 17 mm headed bolt inside the right side hole in the swing arm. Push the remaining sleeve out the left side. You may have to lift up on the rear wheel slightly to allow that sleeve to slide out freely.
  2. Next, remove the 22 mm nut and the washer from the mounting bolt on the left front side of the link, and push the mounting bolt out the right side. The link should drop out the bottom and you are ready to install the longer Kouba Links. Before installing the new links be sure and remove the plastic needle bearing holders inside the needle bearings, and grease both bearings. If you did not order the new bearings with the links you will have to push them out of the stock links and reinstall them back in the new links.
  3. Now that the stock link is removed, install the Kouba Link in the reverse order, bearing end to the rear, engraving to the outside. and the grease fitting pointing down. Install the front link mounting bolt with the washer from the right side. Rotate the rear of the link up into the rear mounting house. Push the rear mounting sleeve from the left side through the link (you will have to raise the rear wheel approx. 2 inches to line up the link mounting hole and the holes in the swing arm) Install the 17mm headed bolt back into the end of the mounting sleeve on the right side, and torque to approx. 20 lb-ft. Install the washer and the 22 mm nut on the front mounting bolt and torque to approx. 30 lb-ft. Put the 2 rubber plugs back in the swing arm holes. You may want to check the sag and if the full 2 inches of lowering is desired, sag should be set to 100 mm/3.90 inches.
  4. We recommend sliding the front fork tubes up (approx. 1/2 inch) until they almost touch the bottom of the handle bars. The forks can be slide up 1/4 inch farther by shimming up the handle bar mounts up but any farther than that could allow the front tire to contact the fender under full compression. Sliding the fork tubes up less than 1 inch is preferred. If the rider would like the bike to turn quicker, we would recommend lessening the rear sag which will subtract from the 2 inches of rear lowering. is not responsible for any bodily harm or death while involved in the activity of riding a motorcycle. Double check that all your OEM hardware is in the same place on the TTR-250 link as they were on the stock link. Wear a helmet, and always ride in a safe and controlled manner.