Yamaha TTR230 Lowering (does NOT fit TTR125 or 225)

"It fits my wife's 230 perfectly! Easy install (about 10 minutes) & it lowered the TTR to a perfect height making her trail rides better!" - ThumperTalk.com review

This Yamaha TTR230 lowering link by YamaLink helps everyone touch the ground easier & puts an end to busted levers from tip-overs by lowering the rear end 1.5 inches. The ride is more plush, the bike corners better and you'll have more confidence due to a lower center of gravity, all of which results in a safer & more enjoyable TTR experience!

CNC'd from 6061 aluminum with a convenient grease zerk for easy maintenance. Includes bearings, seals and instructions.

$150 + shipping (non-US has two shipping options).

TTR 230

2005-2007 TTR 230

2008-2012 TTR 230

2013-2019 TTR 230