YZ125 Lowering YZ250 Lowering YZ250X Lowering 40mm

YamaLink's Two Stroke #1 is a YZ125 lowering link and YZ250 lowering kit! Comes with convenient grease zerks and ready to install with bearings and grease seals.

The 40mm YamaLink is great for off-road riders & lightweight racers AFTER resetting sag & being properly re-sprung. We recommend our YZ RACE (aka YZ #2) for motocross, racers or heavier aggressive riders.

Get a more "planted" feel in corners & power through braking bumps which normally sends the YZ sideways. The YamaLink's YZ leverage results in increased plushness & traction through rough & dryslick corners with less front end weight transfer.

Lowers your YZ125 and YZ250 Two Stroke rear 40mm after resetting sag and being properly resprung for YamaLink extra leverage (CLICK HERE: important!)

$150 + shipping (non-US has two shipping options).

YZ Limited

1999-2001 YZ 1.5

2002-2004 YZ 1.5

2005-2019 YZ 1.5