YZ250F YZ426 YZ450F Lowering Link 1999 through 2008

Every YZF lowering link comes standard with a convenient grease fitting. Instead of tearing the YZF apart to replace $40 of bearings and seals, Yamalink makes it simple to regrease the link while on the bike.

Great for YZF riders who are short, lightweight & trail riders (only recommended for aggressive riding & racing with heavier spring rates). YamaLink lowers the YZF's center of gravity for better turning through hardpack corners and soaking up braking bumps and square-edged holes.

Lowers the YZF rear 1.5"/40mm. Requires resetting sag & recommended heavier spring for the link's extra leverage for perfect balanced handling otherwise the YZF will be too soft. CLICK & READ (important!).

$150 + shipping (non-US has two shipping options).

YZF - Yamaha lowering link
1999-2001 YZ250F/400/426
2002-2004 YZ250F/426/450
2005-2008 YZ250F/450