YZ Lowering YZ125 YZ250 YZ250X (RACE Version)

"Let me tell you, the bike was awesome before, but now its like a Works Dream Bike! The choppy stuff I do NOT even feel now... worth its weight in gold."

The YZ RACE is YamaLink's short-travel 125, 250 and YZ250X performance link that lowers the two stroke rear 1/2 inch. It is made for aggressive MX racers & off-road riders; this is NOT our traditional 1.5" lowering link.

They're fast, big jumpers & rail corners with the throttle pinned. They don't want to "lower" the YZ - they simply want better traction under full throttle, especially on hardpack, and to soak up nasty square-edge braking and acceleration bumps.

The RACE YamaLink helps settle the YZ in ruts & dramatically reduces chatter and rear wheel skipping under full throttle or heavy braking when the track gets blue-groove and cupped out.

$150 + shipping (non-US has two shipping options). Does NOT fit 2005 or older.

YZ Race Link

2006 through 2019 YZ125 Race

2006 through 2019 YZ250 Race

2016 - 2019 YZ250X Race