KTM Lowering 690 Enduro by Kouba Link

KTM 690 Enduro lowering kit with a grease zerk! Fits ONLY 2008-up 690 Enduro, Enduro R & SMC. Does NOT fit 690 SM Prestige/Duke/Supermoto R/Rally Factory Replica. Replaces KTM stock link assembly PN7650408304401.

KTM 8-1 lowers the rear 1" (25mm).

KTM 8-2 lowers the rear 1 5/8" (41.2mm).Fits 2008 - 2018. Does not fit 2019 year.

KTM 8-Dakar lowers the rear 3/8" (9.5mm). Designed with the heavier bearing ends & lowers the rear directly over the axle 3/8". If the stock geometry is desired you need to run a little less race sag than KTM recommends. The installation instructions will be the same other than the sag recommendations. Pricing is US $50.00 more than standard KTM 690 lowering links due to added machining and material costs.

Price $145 - $195 + shipping (non-US has two shipping options).

2008 ktm enduro r

KTM 8-1

KTM 8-2 (2008-2018)

KTM 8-Dakar (3/8", $195)