Air Pro Fork Bleeder & Snowbike Fork Bottoming Kit

Industry-first no touch automatic fork bleeders with lifetime guarantee! There is an Air Pro for almost every make and model of off-road and MX bike on the market! Whether you're a pro motocrosser, dualsport, trail rider or snowbike racer, this is one of the best front suspension products on the market. Forget silly buttons and cheap eBay bleed valves that leak. How confident are we in Air Pro? You get a no-questions asked lifetime warranty.

Air pressure builds up in forks and decreases plushness + increases rider fatigue. Air Pro automatic bleeder makes a HUGE difference in fork suppleness and decreasing forearm fatigue: air is released no matter how fast you're riding when you hit a rock, root, other rider (kidding).

We will contact you after purchase to confirm mounting details for your setup.

$90 - $155 (Snow Bike Bottoming Kit) + your shipping options

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YZ Air Pro Fork Bleeder
2005 - present Yamaha
Air Pro All Other Makes
Air Pro Snow Bike Bottoming Kit