Yamaha YZ250FX Lowering Link: 2015 through 2020

"Let me tell you, the bike was awesome before, but now on the choppy stuff I do NOT even feel now... worth its weight in gold."

You have two options for a YZ250FX lowering link, each based on YamaLink's YZ250F lowering link. Both include a convenient grease zerk!

Choose the Yamalink TRAIL (30mm lowering) if you're a technical trail rider, short or lightweight..... or select the YamaLink RACE (15mm lowering) if you're a racer, aggressive and/or heavier.

Both link options give the YZ250FX a lower center of gravity, better cornering (especially on dryslick) & more plushness over braking bumps, rocks & roots that cause rider fatigue. The Trail YamaLink (NOT the RACE link) may require the rider to go up in spring rate if you are on border of needing heavier spring with the stock suspension.

YamaLink.com price: $145 + delivery (non-US has 2 shipping options).


2015 through 2020 YZ250FX Race
2015 through 2020 YZ250FX Trail