YamaLink YZ250F YZ450F (2014 and newer)

The YamaLink YZF Yamaha lowering link reduces the YZF's rear stinkbugging AND drastically improve plushness over square edge and braking bumps.

Select the YamaLink RACE which settles the rear 12.5mm (just over .5 inches). Highly-recommended for MX and off-road racers or heavier riders.

Choose the YZF Trail which lowers the rear 31mm (1.25 inches). This longer YamaLink improves cornering with a lower center of gravity & offers more plushness over square edge bumps, rocks and ruts.

For best results requires resetting sag & being properly RE-sprung for weight + YamaLink's extra leverage (READ: very important!)

YamaLink.com price: $145 + shipping (non-US has 2 shipping options).

2010 - Yamaha lowering link
2014 through 2020 YZ250F RACE
2014 - 2020 YZ250F 1.25
2010 through 2020 YZ450F RACE
2010 - 2020 YZ450F 1.25