YZ250F Lowering & YZ450F Lowering: 2014 and newer

Get rid of the YZF's rear stinkbugging with the YamaLink RACE which settles the rear 12.5mm (just over .5 inches). Highly-recommended for MX racers & heavier riders. Square edge and braking bumps are smoothed out resulting in faster corner speed & less fatigue.

The YZF Trail lowers the rear 1.25". This longer YamaLink improves cornering, lowers center of gravity & offers more plushness over square edge bumps, rocks and ruts.

For best results requires resetting sag & being properly RE-sprung for weight + YamaLink's extra leverage (READ: very important!)

YamaLink.com price: $145 + shipping (non-US has 2 shipping options).

2010 - Yamaha lowering link
2014 through 2019 YZ250F RACE
2014 through 2019 YZ250F 1.25
2010 through 2019 YZ450F RACE
2010 through 2019 YZ450F 1.25