YamaLink YZ250F and YZ450F Lowering Link

"Let me tell you, the bike was awesome before, but now it's like a Works Dream Bike! The choppy stuff I do NOT even feel now... worth its weight in gold." - ThumperTalk review

YamaLink Yamaha lowering link improves cornering & smooth out the 2009 YZF's tendency to stinkbug & pack on braking bumps. Result? Drastically better corner speed.

1) The 1.5" YamaLink is perfect for light and shorter YZF riders looking for better footing in rocks and steep hills.

2) YamaLink RACE link lowers the YZF up to .75" depending on sag. Great for heavier & aggressive riders seeking better traction on starts, crossing ruts & exiting corners.

The YZ250F & YZ450F lowering link requires resetting sag & being properly RE-sprung for rider weight + YamaLink's extra leverage (READ: very important!).

$145 + shipping (non-US has two ship options). Does NOT fit 2008 YZF!

2009 - Yamaha lowering link
2009 YZ250F RACE
2009 YZ250F 1.5
2009 YZ450F RACE
2009 YZ450F 1.5